A speedy delivery for Asda.com - Bericote Properties

A speedy delivery for Asda.com


Working with main contractor Readie Construction Limited and developer Bericote Properties, FK Group will be completing the external envelope with a mixed palette of external weathering materials in varying orientations, to give the scheme its unique branding of external colours throughout the wall cladding zones.


The first 4,000 sq meteres of roof panels were installed using a crane within three days, with the remainder due for completion within a similar timeframe.


“With the upturn in the construction market has come a reduction in the availability of skilled labour in a lot of areas of the UK” commented FK construction director Steve Hall.


“The construction methods utilised on projects like this mean that we can build a fully usable building within a week with just 3-4 men, weather permitting. It’s a fast, sustainable method of working which also presents no manual handling issues.”

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