ESG - Bericote Properties

We are leaders in sustainable development, always putting our environmental impact at the forefront of planning, design and construction, through to operation.

We design and construct our buildings to deliver reduced energy consumption and lower running costs for our customers.

We are always lowering the amount of water and energy used, and minimising waste generated during construction and throughout the buildings life. We also introduce recycled and recyclable materials and maximise the usage of natural light as part of our designs.


We are members of the UK Green Building Council, a platform where we can share and learn about the best sustainable practices in our industry.

We are committed to our Planet Mark certification to monitor and reduce our carbon emissions every year.


Bericote developed three industrial warehouses totalling 784,000 sq ft at the former Toys’R’Us unit, Coventry Logistics Park. Working with Coventry City Council, Bericote achieved over £2.4 million in social value, including:

  • BREEAM Outstanding

  • 11 Full time local direct employees hired. Value of £333,883.

  • £2.5 million total spend on local supply chain. Equivalent value of £1,875,000.

  • £97,069.40 total spend on small suppliers local supply chain. Equivalent value of £72,802.05.

  • 3 Full time local employees hired from Long term unemployment. Value of £53,910.06.

  • Free cycle scheme provided on site. Value of £5,008.50.

  • Sponsorship of 3 homes for Ukrainian families. Value of £50,700.

  • Sponsorship of Team Coventry at the International Children’s Games and other small clubs. Value of £27,000

  • School site visits for 150 local students. Value of £4,089.29

  • 72 hours (i.e. ten days) of volunteer work in the community. Value of £1,157.04.

  • 1 apprentice on site for the duration of the project. Value of £4,977.60.

  • 2,211.18 tonnes of waste diverted from landfill.


During demolition of the former Littlebrook Power Station, we were able to recycle 99.1% of materials (a total of 120,624 tonnes), saving £9.1 million in landfill cost. The carbon equivalent saving in excess of 2.6million tonnes of CO2.

We set aside over 6 acres (30% of the site) for permanent open space and biodiversity improvement. We have supplied benches made by a local charity using waste timber from construction, introduced 1 million bees and enhanced the habitat for local rare shrill and carder bees.

In 2021 we completed our 2.3m sq ft Amazon unit, designed and created for no gas to be used during operation. The roof is fitted with the largest PV scheme in the UK, which now supplies 40% of the building’s operations. The offices have been fitted with a green roof and the new flood defences with a green wall.


“The six year partnership helped anchor us, empowering us to protect 100’s more vulnerable children, and win The Queen’s award for voluntary service”.

– Neil Henderson, CEO at Safeline.



£1/2 million in donations.



During our 8 year partnership with Safeline, we have donated cash, time, financial management, office equipment and anything else we can lay our hands on; this has enabled Safeline to protect and keep safe 100’s of vulnerable young people.

Bericote’s support has helped Safeline win the Queens Award for Voluntary service; this is the highest award any voluntary group can get. To view the press release click here.

Safeline are a specialised charity in the difficult subject of sexual abuse and rape. They offer prevention services for vulnerable young people, specialised counselling, practical and emotional support for victims who choose to report abuse to the police and tailored training for professionals who work with survivors of abuse.


Since March 2020, Bericote became involved with the YMCA Thames Gateway charity to help support those in need. We have donated weekly vouchers for food and household essentials, supported in the making and delivering of food hampers to local residents (making over 300 Christmas Happiness Hampers in 2020), funded home-school supplies for school children in the lockdown and funded multiple free community events.

We organise and host our yearly Christmas party for over 100 local children in Dartford. The free event includs numerous activities from face painting to bauble decorating, with the Salvation Army band performing and the Bericote Elves handing out special gifts to all at the end.

We are also sponsors of their new community café in the heart of Dartford. A safe place for people to gather, enjoy low priced quality food and drinks and gain valuable work skills.

Dartford FC

We are proud main sponsors of community owned Dartford football club.

Part of our sponsorship goes towards the clubs commitment to their community. They offer pitches for local sport teams, host community events and competitions and work free of charge with local schools.

We hope our 5-year partnership will not only see a growth in their community initiatives, but also a few titles.

Home Sponsorship

Hope into Action

Together with Readie Construction and Gestamp Tallent, we sponsored two homes through Hope into Action, Wolverhampton. We then volunteered to refurbish one of the homes, preparing it for refugees or those at risk of homelessness to have somewhere to help them start a new life.

Long-term relationships

The Salvation Army

Bericote have been continuously supporting the Salvation Army since we first began. They have a base local to us, where they dedicate a lot of their resources and time to the homeless. We donate whenever we can and offer pro bono advice, both in-house and from our consultants.

Helping the elderly


We partnered with this not-for profit organisation to give people in elderly homes around London a very special Christmas party hosted at the British Museum. This included a full sit down meal, the Salvation Army choir and a personalised hamper to take home. We also dressed up as Christmas Elves to add to the magic.

Offering friendship

Hospitality Action

We asked Hospitality Action to join us in giving the elderly a Christmas to remember. They brought together those they knew who would be alone that Christmas, which gave them the opportunity to make new friends. For some, the hampers we gave would be the only present they received that year.

Giving Christmas magic

Castle Froma

We organised a Christmas party in a home for those who suffer from neurological conditions. Along with a festive meal, we had a magician, choir and a queen look alike to hand out our personalised presents. Unfortunately the home was quarantined due to an illness, but thankfully we managed to move the party to their sister home, and everyone still received their gifts.


“Our partnership with Bericote has been one of our most successful; friendly, open and committed; they made things happen fast”

John Flynn, Staffordshire County Council.




£21 million in tax contributions.




The Bericote Community Charter

Because of our community charter, we have never taken a planning application to appeal, never faced a JR challenge and never had a planning refusal. At every stage of the development process, from site selection, pre planning, planning and construction we aim to:

Work with transparency
Embrace the spirit and requirements of the Local Authority planning policy and Statements of Community Involvement.

Listen to the people
Undertake meaningful consultation with local people and their representatives upon all new full and/or outline planning applications.

Keep close relationships
Pro-actively work in partnership with key local stakeholders to gain their views on our proposals and then seek to respond to concerns through design and layout refinements.

Bericote seeks to regenerate disused contaminated industrial sites and only where these are not available will development on other sites be considered.

  • Tax: At Bericote we believe in always paying full UK tax on all profits made from our operations. We do not, never have and never will use off-shore vehicles or ‘tax havens’ to avoid our UK tax liabilities. We are proud to be a 100% domiciled company.

  • Fair Trade: Bericote seek to achieve best value for money in all purchasing and in return we adhere to suppliers’ settlement terms, and often settle before the due date.

  • Litigation: Bericote and the Directors have never been involved in a single piece of litigation. None of our companies have ever been taken into administration. This is an enviable record which we proudly maintain by only making promises we know we can fulfil. All of our directors have unblemished records.

Equal opportunities

We are always learning to ensure we continue to provide equal opportunities. Everyone should have the same chance at job roles regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion or disabilities. We take all the necessary steps to make sure our offices are accessible to any disability and never discriminate.

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