Bericote hosts Christmas party for kids, in partnership with YMCA

December 13, 2021

Over 75 local children attended our Christmas party in Dartford last week, hosted in partnership with YMCA Thames Gateway.

The room was a Christmas wonderland of snowy walls and twinkly lights, with the Salvation Army band performing classic Christmas songs as you entered and free Christmas hats for all the children and adults to choose from.


Once inside there was a wide selection of activities to take part in, from face painting, to bauble decorating, to making magic reindeer food.


The Bericote Christmas elves were sent over from the North Pole to assist the children and we even had a visit from Santa Claus himself. After a festive party tea, all enjoyed a performance from the brilliant bubble entertainer.


As the party came to an end they all received their special gifts to take home, which included a book, £10 Amazon voucher, selection box and Dartford Football club hat, scarf and tickets to a match.