Lee Pettit

Construction Director

I have shared stewardship and development of the business since 2006, quite some journey – being responsible for the design, construction and delivery of all our projects.

Some of the most exciting times are being part of the initial site searches and due diligence process, carefully selecting the right professional team to match to the challenge, being innovative to overcome barriers and unlock hidden value. Even in these unusual times we are offered interesting large-scale opportunities around the UK.

I am very proud of our delivery track record; we see our relationships with our contractors, subcontractors and suppliers as a fundamental part of that success – maintaining these relationships even in difficult situations is key to us. Sharing our construction experiences with schools and colleges is becoming an increasingly important part of what we encourage on site. There’s nothing quite like the animated chatter of school children to remind you why you love your job.

Meeting new customers and tailoring our delivery capability to meet their needs has won us a lot of business over the years – as the market changes we continually adapt; and being a compact, highly skilled team enables us to be nimble and responsive.

Talking of change, they say style never goes out of fashion. Which leads me to my interest in classic cars. I have a taste for British classics and a decent weather forecast will see either my E-type series 2 or 3 out on the roads around Towcester or driving to the golf course. Still hoping to return to Stamford Bridge soon, hopefully when we have sorted out our defence.