Jeremy Kite, Leader of DBC talks about Bericote's 'enlightened capitalism' on BBC Radio. - Bericote Properties

Jeremy Kite, Leader of DBC talks about Bericote’s ‘enlightened capitalism’ on BBC Radio.


You can listen to the interview on BBC Sounds (2hrs 6m in):


Below is an extract where Jeremy talks about Bericote’s work with the council and in the local community:


“Littlebrook Power Station has been a landmark in Dartford for a very long time, and when it no longer had any productive use, the space was there. A very interesting company took it over with big ambitions to develop the space. And then the name amazon crept into the conversation fairly early.”


“We’ve got to make sure some of the negative effects that come with big organisations and big spaces are mitigated, and I think we’ve done that in terms of traffic. We’ve engaged the company in terms of local training and in terms of local employment.”


“The company behind the whole business park have been absolutely wonderful in investing in the community, it’s been an enlightened bit of capitalism I suppose you could say. They’ve been investing in charities, investing in local groups, so we hope that when Amazon are here in person, they will take that baton on and remember the town they’re working in and be part of us.”

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