is for Earnings, on which full tax is paid to support local communities and national infrastructure. Our Y/E 2021 saw us accumulate £21 million in tax contributions.


is for Solidarity with our community, it’s values and democracy.


is for Giving, Bericote will achieve a grand total of £1/2 million in donations by 2022.

Building a legacy to be proud of


We work closely with our occupiers to design and deliver new facilities, to meet their exacting requirements. We will run the whole procurement process for our customers from site selection, planning, building design and procurement – leaving them to focus on their core business.

What you can expect as an occupier


Landowners find comfort in our bespoke approach, knowing we are trustworthy in transactions and offer good value. We unlock and then create value in their land holdings through innovative solutions to planning and remediation issues, ensuring every detail is taken care of.

What you can expect as a landowner


Funders trust in our vision, and our ability to acquire land in the face of fierce competition. Our close relationships allow for maximum efficiency in communication, legal process and certainty of delivery for all parties.

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Property Agents

We assess opportunities brought to us quickly and openly. We have never failed to perform on a contract or funding. Our agents know us and trust in our 100% hit rate; they are crucial to our UK expansion.

What you can expect as a property agent

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Building on a legacy of over 16 years.

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Who we are

Bericote are commercial property developers, specialising in the development of logistics and production facilities across the UK. We are niche, independent and client focussed with a reputation in the property industry as being reliable and quick to deliver. We give personalisation to every project ensuring clients feel valued and secure. Our track record and regular repeat business is peerless.

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Our values

We take pride in every project we do, ensuring we give back to the community, deliver sustainable warehouses and pay all UK taxes. We seek to always conduct fair trade transactions with all our suppliers. Our charity work has seen us refurbishing homes, dressed up as Christmas Elves and even in the recording studio as Elvis Presley lookalikes.

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