Successfully transforming large pieces of land from concept to completed development.


Bericote at farmland handover, St Helens.

“I trusted my family’s farmland to Bericote, they had a five year plan and executed it to the letter.”

- John Moore, Farm Owner.

Bridge the Gap

Site Profile

Siteowners will have the raw materials – land – but not access to financial resources, professional teams or the experience to bring redundant sites successfully forward for comprehensive development.


Many brownfield sites are contaminated giving rise to ongoing liabilities and risk. The levels of which are generally unknown or existing surveys are out of date and superseded by current legislation. Alternatively the existing solution may be prohibitively expensive.

Unlock the potential

  • Environmental Assessments

    Bericote will undertake and finance all surveys required to submit a full planning application to include: Topographical, Geo-environmental, Ecological, Flood Risk, Highways Impact, Archaeological, Air Quality, Noise Impact.
  • Planning

    Bericote will work up a masterplan which will form the basis of an outline planning application.
  • Demolition

    Bericote will undertake site clearance and demolition work.
  • Remediation

    Bericote will negotiate the best remediation strategy signed off by the Environment Agency. This will be backed up by insurance and our Company Guarantee.
  • Marketing

    Occupiers will be attracted to sites provided there is a credible and competitive developer working jointly with a landowner. Bericote will retain the landowner’s advisory agent as part of the marketing team to promote the site and secure pre-lets/pre-sales. This creates openness and team spirit.

Jonathan Maher at our 115 acres site inside M25, Dartford – bought in 8 weeks from agreement terms with RWE.

Share the profit

  • Pre Lets / Pre Sales

    Development plots will be drawn down as pre-let/pre-sale Design & Build opportunities are secured.

  • Fixed Land Price

    The Landowner will benefit from the land drawdown payment. A gross land value will be agreed reflecting current open market value. Deductions will be made for remediation, infrastructure and abnormal costs to provide a guaranteed net purchase price.

  • 50:50 Profit

    Firstly, the landowner would receive proceeds from the draw down land payment. Then, Bericote would take a 5% priority return on total costs. All additional profit would be split 50:50 between the Landowner and Bericote/occupier. This would generate significant enhanced returns to the Landowner and would ensure exposure to an improved upside as a result of improving yields or land values.

  • Sample Appraisal

    An appraisal reflecting a specific plot drawdown will be agreed with the landowner fixing the drawdown price to be paid up front and the profit share to be paid upon practical completion. Bericote will work on an open book basis, offering complete transparency.

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