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£110 million investment from Tritax Big Box in Wolverhampton.

“We trust Bericote, they are light touch to partner with, have a complementary skillset and deliver on their promises.”

- Paul Tebbit, Managing Director at Blackrock.


In 2020 alone we transacted over £325m with our investors, in a mix of pre-let and speculative development and land acquisition.

Our relationship with Tritax Big Box enabled us to make the £65m unconditional purchase of the former power station at Littlebrook, in Dartford. This is a major distribution development within the M25, offering up to three million square feet of development on a formerly disused site.


We work closely with our key investors on multiple projects, developing strong relationships. This maximises efficiency in communication, legal process and certainty of delivery for all parties. Our success is down to a strong attention to detail, ensuring close customer relationships, strong links with planning and local authorities and on-schedule delivery.

332,220 sq ft developed for Rolls Royce – £40 million investment from Tritax Big Box.

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