At Bericote, we design and construct our buildings aiming to deliver high quality and efficient facilities delivering reduced energy consumption and lower running costs for our customers.

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We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our buildings by lowering the amount of water and energy used, and minimising waste generated during construction and throughout the buildings life. We also introduce recycled and recyclable materials and maximise the usage of natural light as part of our designs.

We are a responsible developer from inception to completion fully engaging with local communities and our customers during the planning and design processes and actively promoting sustainability, ecology and the environment.

As part of our approach to sustainable development, the following ‘green’ technologies represent a shopping list for our customers helping them fulfill their own corporate sustainability policies;

  • BREEAM ‘Excellent’ criteria as a minimum, we have delivered excellent, and we are now aiming for outstanding.

  • Achieve an Energy Performance Certificate ‘A’ rating

  • Building Air Tightness exceeding Part L of the Building Regulations

  • Improvement in fabric U-Values over what is currently a base requirement in the Building Regulations

  • Installation of a Building Energy Management System (BMS)

  • Rooflights on 15% of the warehouse for increased natural daylight

  • High COP air conditioning equipment

  • VRV / VRF cooling and heating systems

  • Inverter driven fan drives with variable speed drives

  • Low specific fan powers

  • Zoned and localised temperature controls

  • High-efficiency, low-NOX boilers with thermostatically controlled radiators to heat the offices

  • Intelligent daylight linked and presence detecting lighting controls to offices

  • Internal light fittings to be low energy high efficiency with options for individual PIR controls and option to upgrade to LED

  • External light fittings to be low energy high efficiency with time clocks / photocell controlled with options to upgrade to LED

  • Low water content WC facilities

  • Spray / time released taps

  • Low water usage showers

  • Rainwater harvesting system

  • Energy / fuel and water metering and monitoring

  • Photovoltaic array

  • Solar thermal water heating


The concept of sustainability in respect of ecology and nature conservation is to safeguard and preserve and expand the existing ecosystems to function and maintain its value for a range of flora and fauna species. We seek to ensure that the evolution of any development scheme is harmonious with the existing ecology of the sitte where feasible, with expert ecological consultants employed to ascertain the value of any site and ascertain its intrinsic value.

Mitigation strategies are drafted and implemented such that the existing value is not only maintained but enhanced as much as possible. Rather than isolating nature conservation through the careful design of the development and future management measure, the ecosystems and nature conservation value of the site can be preserved, with biodiversity gains realised.

We love giving back; it’s a fundamental requirement of every scheme for example, at St Helens we have created a 7 acre wood and gifted this to Mersey Forest for public access. At Erith, we created walkways and lagoons, and then created public access all the way through to a viewing platform on the Thames.