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Over the past few months, we have been organising educational site visits for local school children in the Dartford area – overall we had 400 students take part from Year 5, 6 & 7.

We would start with a presentation talking about our Dartford development, what we do, how warehouses are built and the different roles in the construction industry. This was followed by a tour around the units where they could see the building in action and ask plenty of questions. The top question that came up in every school was ‘how much money do you make?’ – A fair question if you are considering your career paths! They also asked some other great questions like; how long does it take to put up the steel frame, how many employees do you have on site at once, how did you come up with the name Bericote Properties, have you ever found valuables on a site whilst developing?

For most students, this was the first time they have been on a school trip in 18 months, so they were all extremely excited (even just to get on a coach). It was also exciting for them to discover that corporate giant Amazon would be operating in their area, and they got to learn a little about how they use the units for their operations. ‘How many Alexas will they keep in there?’. We did a little quiz when on site, asking the students how many footballs would fit in the 2.3m sq ft unit – closest answer would win an Amazon voucher (the answer if you are wondering is 95 million!).

Construction is not something that is often talked about in schools, so the students were all very engaged and eager to learn more. After the visit we asked the students to go away and research one role in construction that was interesting to them. As a thank you for taking part we gave each student a Bericote reusable, 24 hour insulated water bottle – probably their favourite part, as you can see in their happy faces below.

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