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The virus started off quite rare about two years ago,

It wasn’t very good for most and that is what we know.

But there is always a bright side, and it gave you something good,

the virus gave me something special I never thought it could.

In lockdown school, something happened that can never be undone,

through all that happened, I found someone that can sparkle like the sun.

It’s odd how the girl I would never speak to before,

Is the person, I couldn’t possibly love even more.

In lockdown there are things that I lost but look at what I gained,

A funny, pretty BFF who never fails to keep me entertained.

The minute I see her, I smile brighter than the sun,

Because lockdown gave me something, a miracle couldn’t have done.

So, under all that sadness and sorrow it has brought,

I know that I gained something to devour the distraught.


This was the winning poem submitted to us as part of our Virtual Poetry competition, working alongside Dartford FC and Premier League stars.

School children from year 3-6 were asked to submit a short poem on ‘remote reflections’, exploring their experiences over the last year of lockdown.

Over 500 students took part and we had some incredible submissions, which made choosing a winner a lot harder, but we think Sophia from Hextable Primary school deserves 1st place, winning a £30 book voucher, Dartford FC Shirt, a framed copy of the winning poem signed by Dartford FC first team, and DFC Virtual Verse 2021 Poetry Book with their poem in print. They also got to choose £200 worth of books for their school library!

Pictured is winner Sophia, one of our runner ups, Isabel, Aged 8, alongside their headteacher Suzie Hall, Jon Ryes from DFC and Rebecca Davidson from Bericote.

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