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Welcome 2021!

Whilst we were all expecting the announcement, it was still a shock and panic to have it confirmed. My son is in his first year at secondary school and is still adjusting to his new norm, so with the announcement between Christmas and New Year that secondary school students wouldn’t be going back until the 18th January, we were well prepared – as was his school.  During the first Lockdown, he took the initiative to set up several zoom calls with different groups of friends from his year, to work through the various worksheets and subjects (there was no online lessons available). It worked brilliantly and he and his mates were working diligently throughout the day (they had to as we were monitoring the calls).  So he knew what to expect.

My daughter, who is 6 years old, is a different kettle of fish altogether.  The first lockdown back in March took our local primary school by surprise.  It’s a great school and achieves outstanding results, but like many primary schools, it’s not geared up for online teaching.  And why would they?

At this age she doesn’t really understand what’s going on with the virus and she’s not used to being at home so much and not being able to play/socialise with her friends at school. Getting her into “school” mode whilst being at home was also difficult – we even resorted to her wearing her school uniform.

Needless to say this lockdown, things are still proving challenging, but there are improvements from the first lockdown (except for the weather!). The primary schools are much more prepared for home learning and lessons via YouTube are working well.  We have set up zoom calls with her grandparents throughout the day and they do the schoolwork together. This, mixed in with online play dates with her friends, and before you know it, the day is done.

Our 20 year old dog Ellie has definitely enjoyed lockdown the most – she loves having the kids at home all the time!

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