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During my recent stint of Covid isolation, I had been thinking about the experience of watching live sport on TV when attendance is not possible. In particular watching Chelsea; the team I’ve supported for over 50 years which has included far more 2nd division football than I ever wanted.

The first games to be shown during lockdown earlier this year were surreal; no crowd noise or atmosphere, no emotion and in some cases seemingly no energy as the players looked like they were just going through the motions in their new playing environment.

It was like watching an experiment where those participating didn’t really care about the outcome and after a while nor did those poor souls watching it on TV; many hours of my time invested that I’ll never get back (and too many goals conceded).

As the new season has evolved and I can just about recognise the recent signings in Lampard’s new regime (will he last I wonder under the icy stare of our Oligarch), I can honestly say that I now look forward to their games on TV.

It can be difficult to create a suitable environment for watching at home (beer, crisps and nuts help – the bad-tempered cat doesn’t), but I’ve been doing my best and there’s certainly some exciting young players in the team.

The players have adapted to their new playing experience and there’s been lots of surprising results and plenty of goals in many matches. However I do look forward to the day when I can return to Stamford Bridge, drink draft beer and celebrate/commiserate with like-minded mates; and hopefully our defence will be sorted out by then.

Of course throughout this year we have been very busy building the new 2.3m sq ft facility for Amazon at our Littlebrook development. The guys on site have performed magnificently (without any noisy crowds cheering them on), adapted to the evolving Covid rules and in some notable examples have demonstrated world class performances. We’re on track to finish on time and deliver the best quality yet seen by Amazon. And no leaky defence.

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