The new 620,000 sq ft chilled and frozen facility for ASDA at Portside is the largest developer deal in the South West since 2006.

Delivered on a brownfield site considered too toxic to touch; past uses including mustard gas production, a zinc smelter, and being bi-sected by the aptly named Acid Lane.

The development secured 700 jobs in Bristol and represents an investment of £75 million into the Bristol economy. Bericote won ASDA’s business in a market where there is over 1,200 acres of developer controlled land supply.

ASDA selected Bericote at Portside because of our tried and tested delivery capability.

Bericote has been working with the land owner, Rhodia UK Limited since 2009 when the ASDA requirement was initiated.

As a result of Bericote’s enterprise, experience and fostering of strong relationships with landowner and occupier, Bericote was on site delivering the new facility for ASDA to serve their South West stores.

“Bericote have delivered the ideal solution for the relocation of our Bristol CDC, delivering the remediation and development to a tight timescale. The close proximity to our current site means our existing colleagues can relocate to the new state of the art premises with the minimum of disruption.”

asda-logo Andy Walker – Distribution Network Development – ASDA Wal-Mart


Since 2009 Bericote successfully managed the conflicting interests of a landowner wanting to sell land as quickly as possible with an occupier who had changing operational requirements and an uncertain programme for when the company needed a completed facility.

Ultimately ASDA were not able to commit to a new facility until November 2012. During the intervening 4 years, Rhodia kept faith in Bericote being successful in securing ASDA against increasing competition, allowing remediation of the site and unlocking value in the land.

The development was complex, involving the remediation of a site with a long history of contaminative uses, including Zinc smelting and Mustard Gas manufacture and described by the Environment Agency as “one of the UK’s most contaminated sites”.

Despite the heavy contamination, Bericote implemented an advanced remediation strategy which allowed previously contaminated land to be cleaned on site, recycled and used within the development.

Bericote returned a significant capital receipt to the landowner, Rhodia who believed initially that the site had a negative value due to the high levels of contamination.